Tooter & Shot Recipes

Tooter & Shot Recipes

Tooter & Shot Recipes

Terrific Tooter Recipes: Shooters with Spunk

Serving up shots to your guests is a great way to start the party or keep it going throughout the night. Tooters are our signature test tube shot glasses that inject fun into every drink. Use these great cocktail recipes to create delicious drinks that everyone will love.

Candy Tooter Recipes

Mixing vodka with juices, sour mix, and liquors is the perfect way to create Tooters that taste like your favorite candies and sweet treats. While they have more ingredients than your typical drink recipes, they are well worth the extra effort. For a playful twist at your next party, serve up these fun shot recipes and prepare for a great night with your friends.

These shooter and shot recipes can be served in any of our test tube shooters or plastic shot glasses. Most are broken down in proportions to fill our 32 ounce Easy filler bottle to make dispensing easier.

Orange Creamcicle
3oz Vodka
3oz Grand Marnier
3oz Bailey's
6oz Triple Sec
6oz Milk
9oz OJ
2oz Galliano
9oz Vodka
9oz Cranberry Juice
9oz Sour mix
4oz Banana Liqueur
1oz Grenadine
Watermelon Jolly Rancher
(Thanks, Geo!)
13oz Watermelon Vodka
13oz Watermelon Pucker
6oz Sour mix

Tropical Delights

Fruity shots are fun and light, and give your party the kick it needs when things start to slow down. These drinks will appeal to even the pickiest of guests, helping you to create the perfect atmosphere for every gathering. Here are some amazingly tasty treats to serve up in your Tooters test tubes that are sure to impress your guests.

Pineapple Bomber
7oz Light Rum
7oz Southern Comfort
4oz Amaretto
14oz Pineapple juice
Sour Apple
9oz Vodka
9oz Sour Apple Pucker
7oz Melon Liqueur
7oz Lemon/Lime Soda
7oz Vodka
9oz Banana Liqueur
7oz Peach schnapps
5oz Coconut Rum
4oz Cranberry Juice

Quick and Easy Tooter Shooters Recipes

Sometimes you need a recipe that only calls for a few ingredients so you can mix these cocktail recipes up quickly. If you find yourself in need of great drinks to serve at an impromptu party, these Tooter shot recipes are just the thing to make your guests think you took all day to plan the food and drink menu. Only you will know how easy these shooters were to make, so you might want to keep the recipes a secret.

Purple Rain

8oz Vodka

4oz Blue Curacao

20oz Pineapple juice

  Rocket Fuel

(for my friends @ KSC!)

16oz Light Rum

16oz Peppermint Schnapps



13oz Vodka

7oz Rum

7oz Blue Curacao

5oz OJ

Tips for Creating the Perfect Shooters for Every Party

The biggest secret to creating these signature drink recipes is to mix up all your ingredients in advance. Once everything is blended to perfection, you'll be able to fill the Tooter test tubes with ease. Our Foam Tooters Trays make it easy to pour out your shots ahead of time so you can pass them out to your guests when the time is right. If you prefer not to use test tubes, each of these cocktail recipes work perfectly in our plastic shot glasses for easy-to-handle drinks for your guests. You can keep your guests happy by creating more than one of these great shooter recipes. People love variety, so make a few different drinks so that everyone can try them out and pick a favorite. You'll know you planned your party right when your guests start asking you for your best cocktail recipes.

Even More Tooters and Shooter Recipes: Vodka

Hawaiian Punch

8oz Vodka

4 oz Creme de Noyaux

4oz Amaretto

4oz Southern Comfort

4oz Cranberry Juice

4oz OJ

4oz Pineapple juice


Close Your Eyes

4oz Vodka

5oz Peach Schnapps

1oz Blue Curacao

20oz Grapefruit Juice

2oz Lemon juice


Birthday Cake
Equal parts

Cake Vodka

Chocolate liqueur


Even More: Rum

Pink Lagoon

6oz Light Rum

3oz Coconut Rum

22oz Sour mix

1oz Grenadine


9oz Light Rum

4oz Coconut Rum

4oz Grand Marnier

7oz OJ

7oz Cranberry juice

1oz Grenadine

  Tropical Twister

5oz Coconut Rum

5oz Creme de Noyaux

5oz Peach Schnapps

17oz Pineapple juice

Shoot the Moon

12oz Light Rum

9oz Club Soda

9oz Cranberry juice

2oz Grenadine


Bayou Juice

6oz Coconut Rum

6oz Spiced Rum

6oz Amaretto

7oz Cranberry juice

7oz Pineapple juice


Daytona 501

10oz Dark Rum

3oz Vodka

4oz Triple sec

15oz OJ

    Golden Cherry

15oz Light Rum

15oz Cinnamon Schnapps

2oz Grenadine


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