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Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses

Plastic Shot Glasses

 The exact origin of the term shot glass is unclear. There is a record of its first appearance in print (New York Times, 1940's), but there are various accounts of its initial use ranging back to the 1800's. One thing we do know for sure, plastic shot glasses are one of the most popular items here at Great for any nightclub, bar, private party or (our favorite) poolside!

Take, for example, the Tooters 1.5 ounce plastic traditional shot glass, which is sold in packs of 100 for convenience and cost-effectiveness, and is available in clear or 3 neon colors. The Tooters 2 ounce shot glass is a taller version similar to a tequila shooter. If you are a looking for a classy yet inexpensive plastic shot glass, we are your source. 

Hanging plastic shot glasses are a unique way to serve an additional shot with any beverage. Side car shot glasses are available in two sizes and are stackable. Make storing and serving add a shots a breeze. 

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