Jack O Lantern Cocktail Drink Bowl 46 oz 50/cs

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1 unit


Jack o Lantern Plastic Fishbowl 46oz - 50/cs 

  • $125 per case - $2.50 each

This novelty cocktail item is shaped like a regular fish bowl, and you could in fact use it for your pet goldfish, though that isn't quite as fun as the use we have in mind! Concoct your own signature 46 ounce Halloween themed cocktails, and fill the 46 ounce fish bowl to the top, grab a few garnishes and straws and you've instantly got a hit on your hands with this simple plastic shaped bowl! 

This plastic jack o lantern cocktail bowl holds up to 46 ounces of your favorite beverage. Perfect for multi person drink specials. Prepare the beverage of your choice, load up with multiple straws and watch the fun begin. 

If you have any questions or need help placing an order please contact Tooters Promotions at 800-552-0564 ext 5.

The dimensions of our 46 ounce Plastic Fish Bowl are: Length 5.5 inches ~ Width 3.5" ~ Height 5.5 inches ~ Opening 3"
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