36 Hole Plexiglass Test Tube Shooter Rack



36 Hole Plexiglass Test Tube Shooter Rack

  • $16 each

Make serving your Tooters a breeze with these classy Tooter Trays. This acrylic shooter tray will hold 36 of your favorite test tube shots and will make serving effortless. Our 36 hole Tooter rack is available in clear to really show off your colorful shooters.
Shot preparation is fast, east and cuts down on waste when using this shot tube holder along with our easy filler bottle.Go from prep to storage to service, all in this convenient to use shot tube tray.
These great look shot tube trays can be hand-hrld or fit on any standard cocktail serving tray. This is the one Tooter accessory you can't be without. Get yours now! Made in the USA!!

The dimensions of our 36 hole Blank test tube shooter rack are: Height 2 5/8 inches ~ Length of Shooter Tube Rack 8 1/8 inches - Width of Test Tube Shooter Rack 3 3/4 inches - Diameter of Tube Holes 3/4 inches. This diameter will fit either size of our Tooters Shot Tubes.
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